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Friday, April 23, 2021
Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camagüey in the Everlasting Memory of Foreign Graduates

By Yurislenia Pardo Ortega/ Radio Cadena Agramonte

Coming from Guatemala, Bolivia and El Salvador, one day Nicolás López, Edelia Flores and Reynaldo Martínez arrived in Cuba. They knew little about the westernmost island of the Caribbean, but they came here following one dream: to be educated and trained as future professionals at the Jose Marti Pedagogical University.

Like these young people, some 450 foreign students, particularly from Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean graduated this year in Camagüey’s tertiary educational institutions. Among the graduates we can find people who completed doctoral, master and bachelor degrees or graduated as engineers. They will serve in their home countries once they got their training at the different university units operating in this province.

Before bidding farewell - perhaps the final one- Nicolás, Edelia and Reynaldo described the island country that they will eternize in their hearts:

Nicolás spoke on the falsehoods that are being spread about Cuba, and said that: "The international mass media stress that that there are extreme poverty in this island nation and the Cuban people suffer a lot. But when I came here, I realized that everything they said was a lie. I found determined men and women who are always struggling against the media blitzes and the economic siege the US imperialism has launched and built to topple the Revolution”.  

For her part, Edelia takes with her everything she learnt during the years as a university student and the satisfaction of having found here the great love of her life. She also emphasized that she will always remember the solidarity of the people. “What I like the most in here it’s the Cuban people because they are kind and good.”

Reynaldo thanked his teachers, Fidel and the Revolution, for they gave him the chance to become a schoolteacher. Besides, he admires the Cuban revolutionary process, as well as the capability it has to update itself whether in the political, the social and the economic spheres.     

Five years have already passed since the very moment these students left the warm of their homes and crossed the ocean to make their dreams come true. Today, they have been accomplished due to the undeniable spirit of solidarity that characterizes the Cuban nation.

Now that it is time to come back to their home countries, Nicolás, Edelia and Reynaldo also bid farewell to Camagüey:

“I love its squares, its churches, and the weather here. I definitely love this city”, said Edelia Flores.  

According to Reynaldo: “I’ve lived here the best time of my life. I’m 25 now and as far back as I can remember, these five years in Camagüey have been my best years.”    

For his part, Nicolás López briefly affirms: "Camagüey will always be my city”.