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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Thursday, September 17, 2015

Panama's Capital Districts Remain in State of Emergency

Panama, Sep 17.- Two Panama City's districts remain in a state of emergency, after the damages caused by flooding and landslides that took place last week due to the heavy rains affecting the country.

The decision, approved by the Cabinet's Executive Council, also included direct hiring up to 10 million dollars to face the difficult situation in the villages of Juan Díaz and Belisario Porras, in the Panama and San Miguelito districts, respectively.

According to the Civil Protection National System, residents of Samaria Sector Four, in San Miguelito, were evacuated due to the prevailing insecurity.

In this sense, Civil Protection System José Donderis said yesterday during a visit to the site, where he urged residents to be aware of the risk in this "uninhabitable area".

Yesterday, the National Institute of Pipelines and Sewerage and the Elektra Northeast S.A., carried out repair works to restore water and power services, cut off since last Thursday.

Housing Minister Mario Etchelecu announced the creation of a forest park in the affected area, but he did not refer to the strategy to avoid the space to be illegally occupied by other people.

Experts' reports revealed that the flooding and landslides were caused by the extraordinary level of rain, but also by the accelerated growing rate in the city and little investment in drainage.(Prensa Latina)