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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Monday, May 23, 2016

Anti-Flu Vaccination Campaign Begins Across the Country

Havana, Cuba, May 23.- Cuba will begin its anti-flu vaccination campaign on May 25th with over 680 thousand doses aimed at preventing serious complications among the population most at risk.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, First Deputy Minister of Public Health explained that among the risk sector are people over 85 years of age, people living in senior citizens centers and psycho-pedagogic Centers.
This vaccine also includes pregnant women, people with asthma and diabetics in ages that range between 18 and 24, those with chronic kidney ailments, patients with infant brain paralysis and others, she said.
The vaccine will also be given to people that work with poultry and cattle with risks of influenza, those with respiratory infection and technical and professional personel exposed to flu.
Dr. Portal pointed out they are also thinking of including workers from the national laboratory of the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute, the Animal Sanitary Center and LABIOFAM and health professionals that will soon travel abroad to offer their medical services.
The anti-flu vaccine will begin to be applied in policlinics until June 30th.  This vaccine will protect the population against the A H1N1, H3N2 and Influenza B, said the health authority.
According to statistics revealed by the World Health Organization that the tendency to the influenza tend to decrease in the northern hemisphere in particular Canada while the Influenza B virus and A H1N1 has a seasonal behavior in recent years.
Portal Miranda compared the reality with the southern hemisphere and the Caribbean where the incidence of the flu is currently increasing in many countries, like Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.
Since early this year, in comparison with the same stage last year, medical authorities in Cuba have reported a slight increase in chronic respiratory infections due to the circulation of the virus.
He added that the anti-flu vaccination campaign has been taking place in Cuba since 1999 and until 2014 the doses were applied in November and December.
Studies in a group of countries in the region demonstrated that seasonal flu in the Caribbean nation was present since May to September, month in which the virus circulates with much more intensity than the rest of the year, he said.
Since 2015 the southern hemisphere vaccine was applied before the seasonal hike, he stressed.(acn)