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Saturday, May 8, 2021
Monday, August 22, 2016

Cuba to Host Summit on Energy Investment

Havana, Cuba, Aug 22.- The First Summit on Energy Investment in Cuba will be held in early September at the Melia Cohiba Hotel, with the attendance of entrepreneurs from 14 countries in Latin America and Europe.

Their debates, on September 1 and 2, will be aimed at exploring ways and methods linking foreign investors to the opportunities offered by the Cuban energy sector, Doctor of Technical Sciences Conrado Ricardo Moreno told ACN in an exclusive interview.

He said that taking part in the meeting will be representatives of companies from Germany, Costa Rica, Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, F and the Czech Republic, among others.

The topics of the meeting will be the renewable energy sources (RES) essential to the country, wind and solar and from sugarcane and non-sugarcane biomass, added Moreno, of the Center for Studies on Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER) of the Jose Antonio Echeverria University, one of its promoters.

Moreno, also vice-president of the World Wind Energy Association, said that concentrated in these RES are the major efforts for the energy matrix change in 2030, until reaching more than 24 percent of its general use.

Similarly, discussions will include oil accompanying gas, which, although a nonrenewable energy source, plays an important role in modifying the energy matrix of the country, for its availability and environmental benefits already proven.

The two foreign organizations sponsoring the Summit are IJ Global and New Energy Events LLC. IJ Global, the infrastructure division of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, one of the providers of news and information on the world market of the largest infrastructure in the world.    

Acting as organizers of the meeting, for Cuba, are the Electrical Union and the Chamber of Commerce and CETER, and has the support of the ministries of Foreign Trade and Investment, Tourism and Agriculture, as well as of the AZCUBA Business Group. (acn)