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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Temperature in Cuba in 2019 was the highest since 1951

Havana, Jan. 8 - In 2019, the average annual temperature in Cuba was the highest since 1951, when the figure of 1.1 Celsius was reported above the average for the period 1961-1990, announced the Institute of Meteorology.

According to specialists of Climate Center in the Institute of Meteorology, the warmest were June, July, August and September, with average temperatures above 28 degrees.

Likewise, 33 records of absolute maximum temperature were reported, with 39.1 degrees in Veguitas, in the eastern province of Granma, the most notable.

A note published by the Cubadebate website explains that also in Punta del Este, Isla de la Juventud, the monthly record of absolute maximum was broken in February, June, August, September and October.

It is notable the fact that only 17 cold fronts affected the national territory, a figure below the registered average.

Also last year, Cuba was not hit by tropical cyclones, but it was punished by an intense tornado in Havana, in addition to experiencing storms during the spring and summer, as well as intense local rains, hailstorms, windpipes and some marine tromba not far away from the coast, explains the agency Prensa Latina. (ACN) (Photo: Archive)