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Friday, April 23, 2021
Monday, August 31, 2020

Cuban Vice President confirms recovery from damages caused by tropical storm Laura

Bayamo, Aug 31.- Although the damages caused by tropical storm Laura were minor, compared to previous similar events, the collective mobilization to recover in the shortest possible time had the intensity that the country is accustomed to after the scourge of such meteors.

Lack makes this sense of urgent and prioritized work continue, taking into account that the productive responses that the Island needs are no less urgent and effective, in the midst of the exceptional situation that continues to be the confrontation with Covid-19 and the growing demands of food obtained in Cuban lands.

In response to these constraints, the Vice President of the Republic of Cuba, Salvador Valdés Mesa, on a tour of the eastern province of Granma, insisted on the imperative of having local productions in ever greater quantities and superior qualities, in order to consolidate a sustainable national economy with growing potential for export.

Regarding the enormous efforts to erase Laura's tracks here, Valdés Mesa verified, in the municipality of Buey Arriba, the reconstruction of the head of the bridge over the Yao River, which gives way to the mountain community of San Pablo de Yao, and that it was destroyed by the rising current, which cut off more than 4,300 inhabitants.

In that area of ​​the so-called Turquino Plan, the Cuban leader exchanged with workers from Televisión Serrana (the only audiovisual project of its kind in the country, founded 27 years ago) whom he asked to contribute with their materials to raise community awareness in the confrontation of the Covid-19.

Within this entity, he also learned of the recent installation of a transmission tower that will optimize the quality of the Cuban television signal, which will reach areas of silence for the first time. (Text and photo: Granma)