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Saturday, May 8, 2021
Friday, November 27, 2020

Mi Tumbao, by Cuban José Alberto El Ruiseñor, nominated for 2021 Grammy Award

Havana, Nov 27 - Singer-songwriter José Alberto Tamayo Díaz, artistically known as José Alberto El Ruiseñor, has been nominated for a Grammy Award in its 2021 edition, in the category of Best Latin Tropical Album, for his album Mi Tumbao , from the English label Tumi Music . The awards will be on Sunday, January 31, 2021. 

“I am extremely happy with this nomination, because it is our Cuban music that is breathed in the album, even when other musical genres from Latin America are present. To the people of Cuba, to my father, to our musical history, to Bayamo, my city, I want to dedicate this nomination; and to our musical roots. I grew up listening precisely to Sindo Garay, Ñico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros. It was my father who induced me to listen to all of them and that is why I became a musician. 

“I also want to dedicate it to Huberal Herrera and Edesio Alejandro, who have obtained the 2020 National Music Prize; to Adalberto Álvarez, for everything he has done in favor of son; and to all, all Cuban musicians. This is an album that I made from my homeland, from the Cuban East and today it is already located on the international scene. It is practically finished going out to the world through social networks and what I would like the most is that very soon it can be in the hands of Cubans, whether or not it wins the Grammy Award, which for me is the Oscar in Music.

My Tumbao brings together 10 themes; Eight of them were authored by El Ruiseñor, to whom he put his music, and the rest are versions of the songs Lágrimas negra and Quien manda. With Cándido Fabré he also interprets his composition Anyone slips and falls, with music also by him. "I did not know that there was already a song with the same name that Sonora Matancera spread," Tamayo Díaz confessed to Granma. Among other of his songs that appear on the album are: EmigranteQue sabrosura Rancho Mine and To defend the son . Guaracha, son, salsa, cumbia and merengue, are some of the genres that José Alberto Tamayo Díaz recreates with great professionalism in Mi Tumbao.           

With more than 30 years of professional work, belonging to the Musical Promoter Sindo Garay, from the province of Granma, this musician who has obtained several international awards, among them, Best Performance at the Toronto Song Festival, Canada 2000, and national; who in 2016 was elected the most popular male artist in Palmas y Cañas and who is proud to be the Cuban singer who has dedicated the most songs to congresses in the country, of all organizations, he was one of the first in Bayamo to organize an online concert to recognize the work of our doctors and nurses in the fight against the pandemic.

“That was on March 23rd. We titled it Cuba saves and we did it in the backyard of my house, under a bush. Afterwards, I have continued making others in which I have joined many artists from Bahia. I have a group that works with me. It's called BMN, which means Bayamo National Monument, which supports me in everything. For me Bayamo is my life, and music, what can I tell you: it is everything. I am a guajiro. Having written the theme of the XI Congress of ANAP is a source of pride, as was the composition of the XII Congress, which I titled From La Plata to Congress. Now I just have to wait, but I will do it as I always do, working hard for my city, our music and national culture”. (Text and photo: Taken from Granma)