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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Friday, December 25, 2020

Cuban boxers in good shape

Havana, Dec 25.- The closure of the control stop of the Cuban elite team took place at the Holveín Quesada National Boxing School, where all the stars, and other calls to impose themselves, left through the wide door and will say goodbye to 2020 with a step ahead of the formation of the Olympic team.

The most striking, compared to the expectations created, were the victories of Lázaro Álvarez over Osvel Caballero (57 kg), Roniel Iglesias against Kevin Brown (69 kg), and Dainier Peró against Carlos Castillo (+91 kg).

Clear verdicts, good boxing demonstrations, adjustment to the corresponding body weight and a lot of delivery on the ring qualified a happy day at the headquarters of the Antillean boxing.

Rolando Acebal, head of coaches of the Cuban team, was satisfied with what he saw in the three days of the contest, and praised the state of form in which his Tamers dismiss this difficult season.

Undoubtedly, its top men have used the last four months to catch up, after a long period of work at home.

The commitment of this team to the Cuban delegation that will attend Tokyo 2020 next summer is in no doubt.

Beyond touches to be given, we have a list of talented and experienced fighters who will have the task of closing this rugged Olympic cycle, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he assured. (Text and photo: Jit)