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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Saturday, February 13, 2021

​​​​​​​Strong clashes between protesters and police in Chile

Santiago de Chile, Feb 13.- A total of 45 people were detained as a result of the protests that took place the day before in this capital, classified as extremely violent, according to the report offered today by the Chilean Police.

As happens almost every Friday, hundreds of protesters gathered in the central Plaza Baquedano, and also in the nearby Forestal Park, places where there were heavy clashes with the police forces that used cars to throw water and tear gas to dislodge them.

The police force report indicates that among the detainees, one was identified as the author of the burning of a police vehicle in the Bellavista neighborhood, and three people were caught throwing incendiary devices at the uniformed men. The rest were released or passed to detention control depending on the degree of involvement in the disorders.

The official part does not give an account of injured civilians, but indicates that 32 police officers were injured, of which two were admitted to the institution's hospital in serious condition.

The protesters in the protests this Friday demanded the elimination of impunity for excesses committed by police forces, of which the most recent event was the death of a young street juggler in the southern town of Panguipulli in the Los Lagos region, 5th February.

The policeman, who fired six shots at him, was finally released and with national roots because, in the court's opinion, he acted in self-defense, although the victim's family and the prosecutor's office demanded preventive detention while the investigation of the incident lasts.

Also in the protests of recent weeks, there is a recurring demand for the release of an undetermined number of people imprisoned after the outbreak of the social unrest in October 2019, most of them young, some of whom have been for more than a year after the bars without being processed by justice. (Text and photo: PL)