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Thursday, April 22, 2021
Friday, February 19, 2021

France restates support for the Cuban Revolution

Paris, Feb 19.- The Coordinator of Cuban Residents in France reiterated today that the dilemma of the island is homeland or death and condemned those who try to sully the sovereignty of the country.

"We reaffirm all support for our people and our Revolution, and we reiterate what has been and will be our only possible slogan due to its importance and because it corresponds to the shared project identified as our national destiny: homeland or death," he stressed in a statement.

The coordinator that brings together several organizations established a position against a recent musical theme published on social networks, in which Descemer Bueno, Yotuel Romero, Maykel Castillo, Eliécer Márquez and Gente de Zona try to erase with their 'homeland and life' six decades of history built by millions.

According to Cubans residing in France, those who attack the sovereignty of the Caribbean country with the gimmicks of a fop deserve rejection, because they are holding out their begging hand.

In that sense, they described the song as a musical pamphlet and attributed its performance to people subordinate to the interests of the extreme right in Miami in order to prevent any effort to improve relations between the United States and the island.

These people sell their souls and raise their voices against the interests of the country that gave them birth, the same that for 62 years has guaranteed all its children, as never before in the history of the nation, their rights as free men, they warned.

The Coordinator of Cuban Residents in France denounced the pretense of distorting with little ingenuity and shamefully annexationist codes the national motto launched in March 1960 by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

With that dilemma, the cry of independence or death of the Cuban bush was updated, he pointed out in allusion to the slogan raised by patriots who in the 19th century fought to liberate the largest of the Antilles from Spanish colonialism.

For the Cubans residing in France enrolled in the organization, there is no other destiny than dishonor and ignominy for those who attack their country. (Text and photo: PL)