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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Friday, February 19, 2021

Cuba secures two places for I Pan American Youth Games

Havana, Feb. 19 – Cuba appears among the 14 countries that joined classifieds to speed skating I Pan American Games of Youth, expected in September coming in Cali-Valle, Colombia.

According to the Facebook page of Centro Caribe Sports, our country insured the two under-23-year-old skaters attending the continental championship held in Ibagué, Colombia, until last weekend.

They are Richards Díaz and Héctor Caballero, who did not reach the podium of the competition, but they met their strategic objectives.

Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico added four tickets for the sports festival, two for each sex (maximum); El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica took three tickets per capita and two Cuba and Peru. With one came Bolivia, Paraguay and the United States.

Colombia swept in the youth competition, bearing the 18 gold medals up for grabs, plus 13 silver and three bronze.

In the tournament for seniors, the coffee growers also reigned by overwhelming advantage, as they won 16 of the 18 titles disputed.

Cuba experienced a formidable moment in that segment, as Adriana Cantillo won bronze in the 100-meter route circuit. Something like this has not happened since 1993. (Text and photo: JIT)