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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Friday, February 19, 2021

Bill on animal protection discussed in Cuba

Havana, Feb 19.- Authorities from the Ministry of Agriculture (Minag) and animal protectors discussed today the decree law on animal welfare that will be adopted soon in Cuba.

- Decree Law on animal welfare: a rule that appeals to sensitivity

The meeting, at the Minag headquarters, took place after activists on the subject demanded information regarding the approval of the regulations, the promulgation of which the institution had announced this month at a press conference.

For the Minag, Vice Minister Ydael de Jesús Pérez; the director of Animal Health, Yobany Gutiérrez, and the legal director of that ministry, Orlando Díaz Rodríguez.

Minag representatives explained that the decree is on the legislative schedule for this month, which has not yet ended.

The meeting was also the occasion to discuss issues related to the decree, among others the criminalization of prohibited games where animals participate; dog fights, for example.

It was a concern of activist Laura Bustillo, who asked about changes in the penalties that are in effect today.

The Director of Animal Health explained that with the new rule the participation of animals in prohibited games will be an aggravating factor in the legal processes for these causes. (Text and photo: PL)