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Thursday, April 22, 2021
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

US organizations ask to reestablish ties with Cuba

Havana, Feb 23.- The Cuban and Latin American patriotic emigration organizations that make up the Alianza Martiana Coalition in the US city of Miami, Florida, reiterated the demand for the new Administration of President Joe Biden to reestablish ties with the largest of the Antilles, based on mutual respect.

For this reason, they expressed, our request not only refers to the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba as they existed under Obama administration (2009-2017), but we also demand the end of the siege that they have arbitrarily imposed the successive North American administrations to the people of the island for almost six decades.

The blockade is a genocidal measure, according to the definition on this issue assumed by the United Nations, they said. In this regard, they stated that there are numerous progressive, academic, political and commercial sectors that in that country and throughout the world have requested the new Administration to reestablish just relations with Cuba.

Incidentally, they added, Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, who heads the Finance Committee of the upper house of Congress, recently introduced a bill that would end all existing laws that prevent business ties with Cuba and support the blockade, including the so-called Helms-Burton.

The Trump government acted despotically against that island people, passing during his terrible mandate more than 240 provisions averse to the Caribbean nation, in these dire times of economic shocks due to the terrifying epidemic that affects us all, they declared.

For this primary reason, they maintained, we demand urgency from the Biden Administration in the implementation of the measures that facilitate fair relations with Cuba. (Text: Taken from Correo de Cuba) (Photo: PL)