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Friday, April 23, 2021
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cuba means independence

By Dania Díaz Socarrás / Radio Cadena Agramonte

A war cry that accompanies peace has been heard again in these days more than usual: Independence or death.

We know very well why: the Cuban Revolution is one and independence, that beautiful word that liberates, is indispensable for Cuba.

Of another word not pretty, made up and still fearsome, we have also heard more than usual these days: annexationism.

For the youngest, perhaps it has come out of the books and has been put in front of us and for all of us it has returned to be the finger in that wound that never heals, the pain from the blood that left us and the conviction that remained that no one can have died in vain.

Today 126 years ago that Revolution, this Revolution, returned to the fray, after a truce that never ceased to be fruitful, as fruitful has been all the peace of the Revolution already conquered and still with much to conquer.

Cuba does not stop, it can never stop, that is what the revolution is all about. Cuba cannot stop changing with so many people who love it well, who love it better, but it will never change at the will of those who love it badly. Why? For another historical reason: because we are the majority, a majority that has plenty of courage.

This will continue to be my Cuba, your Cuba, our Cuba, everyone's, yes, but of all of us who don't forget who we are, those of us who in skin of any color still feel the whip that hit our grandparents, those of us who saw them pass illiterate for life, because it was more important to feed the brothers and then it was not possible to do everything at the same time, those of us who see today the way in which minorities are also valid for majorities.

We will fix whatever needs to be fixed in this Cuba, in that of October 10, February 24, January 1, always the same essence.

We will promote it again and again and we will advocate, on behalf of those who died and those who live today, for the Homeland, for the Revolution, for socialism and above all for that beautiful word that is and will always be Independence. (Photo: File)