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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Friday, February 26, 2021

Belgium rejects the use of culture to attack Cuba

Brussels, Feb 26.- Brussels-based dancer and choreographer Menia Martínez rejected today the use of culture as a weapon to attack Cuba, a crusade that she considered destined to fail.

I don't understand how they get involved with something as strong on the island as culture, a sector in which the government has done so much in all these years, in dance, music, theater, plastic arts and many other manifestations, she said to Prensa Latina the also president of the Association of Cuban Residents in Belgium (CubaBel).

In his opinion, the ultra-right wing based in Miami, United States, does not know what to do to prevent a new rapprochement between Washington and Havana, which he considered a possibility with the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House and the end of the Trump administration, characterized by its aggressiveness towards the Caribbean country.

I think they have found in some artists living outside of Cuba, especially in Miami, a way to attack the island, and we see this song Patria y Vida that tries to distort the slogan of Homeland or Death, but they will not be able to, said Martínez.

According to the renowned choreographer and ballet talent trainer, behind the cultural campaigns against the largest of the Antilles is money.

Regarding the holding this Friday of an anti-Cuban forum in the European Parliament, the ballet teacher played down the provocation, consisting of the invitation by members of groups such as Renovar Europa to Yotuel Romero, one of the singers of Patria y Vida, and others willing to attack the country where they were born.

The attacks will not get anywhere, because they do not have people to achieve their objectives, because they hold on to anything and because Cuba continues on its way despite the blockade imposed by the United States and the Covid-19 pandemic, she said to Prensa Latina.

Martínez highlighted the island's achievements such as the existence of four vaccine candidates against Coronavirus and insisted on the strength of the culture and its values, which makes us proud wherever we are.

He also announced that CubaBel works on various initiatives to support the Caribbean nation from solidarity in Belgium and Europe. (Text and photo: PL)