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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Monday, March 1, 2021

Cuban President welcomes initiatives in the US and Canada against blockade

Havana, Mar 1 - The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz- Canel, thanked today on behalf of the country the Bridges of Love initiative that brought together caravans of activists against the blockade in the United States and Canada.

Through his Twitter account, the president stressed that Cuban emigrants and solidarity friends asked in eight North American cities for the end of the US siege against the Caribbean nation.

Cuba admires, thanks and embraces them, added the head of state in his publication.

In the cities of Miami, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Ottawa and Montreal, groups of protesters spoke out this Sunday against Washington's policies that affect the island's population.

Activists in both countries called for building bridges of love between the peoples of Cuba and the United States, in continuity with the caravans for several years organized and carried out in Miami by the Alianza Martiana Coalition.

In addition to demanding an end to Washington's extraterritorial policy, the caravan members supported the work of Cuban doctors and supported international requests for the members of the Cuban Henry Reev Medical Brigades to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. (Text and photo: PL)