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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Monday, March 1, 2021

Cuban steel-mechanical industry strengthens its presence in Mariel Special Development Zone

Havana, Mar 1 - The recent opening of the offices of the Business Group of the Steel -Mechanical Industry (GESIME) in the Mariel Special Development Zone provides more efficient attention to commitments and supplies to ongoing works and strengthens its presence in this productive and logistical platform.

This was highlighted by the Business Group on its website, and indicated that this new space will be appropriate to receive potential clients, discuss new projects and ensure technical and commercial meetings with updated information.

GESIME began its work in projects in the Zone in 2012, with the presence of five companies, and gradually increased its participation until closing 2020 with 28 entities.

During this period, the Business Group has achieved stabilization in the supply of 43 products and services, including metal structures for large industrial buildings, metal tanks, the construction and repair of silos and the production of scaffolding, construction panels, refrigeration chambers and modular structure systems.

Over the last four years, invoicing in total currency grew almost three times, foreign currency sales doubled and by increasing its presence in the Special Zone, it is clear that it is possible to substitute imports with Cuban products of the required quality.

Besides, with the investments made by Cuba in the iron and steel industry, it will be possible to export steadily to the Caribbean region and to other more distant markets.(Text and photo: ACN)