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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cubans in China condemn unpatriotic and annexationist actions against the island

Beijing, Mar 3.- The Association of Cuban Residents in China Ernesto Che Guevara condemned the actions of those who grossly attack the historical legacy of our people, their dignity and their principles, regardless of their nationality or political orientation.

The organization pronounced the forceful rejection of any expression of unpatriotic, annexationist content and the unworthy attitude in the song

Patria y vida, recently published through social networks.

Great is the pain we feel when these attacks come from Cubans, he added.

Under the guidance of Martí, of heroes and martyrs, we learned that dying for the homeland is living. The historical moment that we are living, under the pandemic and external aggressions to the economy, is definitely one of Homeland or death! he sentenced.

Also, the union of everyone on the island or abroad is necessary now more than ever. We must be consistent with the process of the people and support them together with their Government to overcome enormous challenges of the present and build a better future, he emphasized. Faced with such facts, we have to defend the nation, sovereignty, history, identity and culture.

We are proud to have Fidel Castro in our history.

Tarnishing its legacy is like disguising Cuba as something that it is not. Cuba belongswith Fidel! The group pointed out.

At the same time, they maintained that today we have medical brigades facing the Covid-19 pandemic on the island and in the rest of the world, and we have four vaccine candidates almost ready to save lives.

And although we are far away, we are equally excited when we sing our National Anthem. (Taken from Correo de Cuba) (Photo: PL)