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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021

Camagüey achieves electricity savings during January and February

Camagüey, Mar 4.- Despite the complex epidemiological situation that the province of Camagüey presents with a high transmissibility of COVID-19 in its territory, the state and residential sectors achieved savings in electricity consumption during the first two months of the year.

From a plan of 74,875 MWh, at the end of February, a real of 65,404 MWh was reported, as reported to the Cuban News Agency Tailán Romero Rivero, Government Energy and Fuel specialist in the Province.

Theprovince, he commented, managed to be framed in a general way as planned, although the municipalities of Sibanicú and Vertientes overdrawn in electricity consumption, while Florida, Esmeralda, Céspedes and Guáimaro, exceeded their demand.

However, the balance was positive, throughout the territory, being 11 MW below the estimated demand for peak noon hours, with a record of 121MW of the 132 MW expected, explained the specialist.

Romero Rivero pointed out that it happened the same way at night, with a saving of 23 MW, since from a 190 MW plan, a real of 167 MW was demanded.

The Save Now campaign, launched by the National Office for the Rational Use of Energy (ONURE) in Camagüey, continues its actions this year with the purpose of promoting consistent behavior to maintain current results.

Wilfredo Recio Conde, director of that agency, told the ACN that Camagüey has more than 10,000 services to the state sector, and of these 825 are identified as high consumers of electricity.

ONURE controls 196 of the latter, among which units of the Ministries of Food Industry, Industries and Public Health stand out, which must adopt adequate saving measures without interrupting their production and services.

In Cuba, said Recio Conde, around 62 percent of the fuel is consumed in electricity generation, that is why savings are called for to minimize, in addition, the effects of the energy situation that the country still faces from the limitations imposed by the blockade, which demands the contribution of all. (ACN) (Photo: File)