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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021

XXXIII Fidelio Ponce de León Visual Arts Hall called in Camaguey

Camagüey, Mar 4.- The Provincial Council of Plastic Arts in Camagüey, summons the XXXIII edition of the Fidelio Ponce de León Visual Arts Hall, which is conceived as a tribute to that creator who knew how to reflect a tradition of the inhabitants of his hometown from the codes of the contemporary artistic movement. 

According to the official Facebook page of said cultural institution, the bases for participating in the contest include the convocation of Cuban creators regardless of their place of residence and the acceptance of works in all formats and techniques, as well as the most varied morphological conceptions, including those that bring new technologies.

Each interested artist may send up to three works that are not committed to the competing curatorial projects and must be unpublished in Camagüey. 

The deadline for the admission of the proposals will close on July 30, while the results of the admission will be published on August 15 and the reception of the works will be carried out until the 26th of that same month.

Proposals will be received via email or, and will include the following details:     

-digital image of the works in JPG format of 1024 x 768 pixels per inch (standard desktop size).

-Technical file of the works. Title, materials, and support, dimensions, year of realization and special assembly needs.

-In the case of performances and installations of all types of morphology, the project with the action development script and diagrams, designs, etc., that provide complementary information about it.

-Curricular synthesis of the artist with their personal data and the most important prizes and exhibitions.

The Provincial Council of Plastic Arts in Camagüey will convene an admission jury made up of specialists of recognized prestige, who will also participate in the curatorship of the event, so it will also reconcile with the artists’ specific questions of the assembly or production of the works.

The institution will not be responsible for the transportation of the works or the participants, their lodging or food.

If at the time of receipt of the works, they do not correspond to the quality proposed in the project presented for admission, the jury could withdraw its approval to be admitted. (With info from the Facebook page of the Council of Plastic Arts of Camagüey)