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Sunday, April 18, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021

Cuban sports movement will honor its women on Women's Day

Havana, March 4.- International Women's Day, next March 8, will be a holiday for the Cuban sports movement, despite the current epidemiological situation. 

Within the broad program of activities, the delivery of the Inder 60th Anniversary Seal to distinguished sports women on the Island stands out.

Likewise, the virtual event Creative Women, Women in Revolution, born in 2018 under the auspices of the CTC.

The date will also be suitable to honor those women with outstanding results in management positions within the sports system.

Special recognitions will be given to women workers in the sector facing Covid-19 in support of the government program, as well as sports glories and collaborators abroad, with an emphasis on Venezuela.

As part of the day, productive activities will take place in the centers, including cleaning and beautification. In the social networks of the internet, the work of women in the Revolution will be exalted.

March 8 was proclaimed as International Women's Day in tribute to the 129 falls during a strike in 1908, in a fire that occurred at the Cotton factory in New York, United States.

The victims had gone on strike to demand the reduction of the working day to ten hours, a salary equal to that received by men in identical activities, and in the face of the poor working conditions they suffered.

The factory owner ordered the doors to be closed so that they would desist and abandon it. However, the result was death and the rise of this universal symbol. (JIT)