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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Cartoon short film dedicated to Alicia Alonso premieres

Havana, Mar 9 - The Latin Institute of Music (ILM) premiered on the networks the cartoon short film Tito Reacts to Alicia Alonso, a deep look that serves as a tribute to Prima Ballerina Assoluta from the series of the well-known Mexican character.

As shared by Daniel Martín Subiaut, creator of the film and its protagonist, both the script and the production are his authorship in this episode that brings the history and legacy of the famous dancer to the knowledge and enjoyment of new generations.

Alicia was the only artist who, without being a musician, received the ILM Star of the Century award, in the year of her centenary.

The creation process was supervised by Pedro Simón, director of the National Dance Museum, and had the collaboration of the National Ballet of Cuba.

The anime could not be released in more than a hundred theaters last January, when it had been scheduled, because the new wave of COVID-19 cases forced the closure of the facilities.

Tito Reacts was originally created in 2019, with the aim of paying tribute to the culture of the continent, and in order to share tips to face COVID-19, Daniel Martín Subiaut decided to create a series of spots with the little youtuber Tito, which increased its popularity.

The series was also news, as it became the first cartoon in Cuba whose protagonist is taken to live-action. Likewise, the character of the series stars in a first book in Braille version, audiobook and graphic exhibition, planned to be presented at literary fairs in Cuba, Mexico and the United States.

The ILM was founded on February 21, 1921, in Mexico, it has already brought together the most important Spanish-speaking stars in all the art manifestations where music takes place. (ACN)