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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Saturday, April 10, 2021

Guáimaro: cradle of rebellion

Coinciding historical events in the month of April, represent for the people of Camagüey and Cubans all, a stage of the year for the undertaking of great endeavors and feats with a compromised load of sovereignty and freedom. 

This is how this date of 1869 passes, in which a group of patriots meet in the house of José María García, with Carlos Manuel de Céspedes at the head and next to him, an excited and illustrious Ignacio Agramonte, both agreed to leave differences to one side, and from unity, found the Cuban nation. 

More than a century later, another faithful Cuban -Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, who was president of the National Assembly of People's Power-, when reviewing history, affirmed:

"In Guáimaro was given for the first time, the expression of what it would be fundamental principles: fight to the end for the absolute independence of the country, and equality among human beings." 

"The idea of ​​social justice is firmly put into practice with the complete abolition of slavery and with the exercise of equal civil and political rights for all men, regardless of the color of their skin and their social origin." 

On April 12, 1869, the first Cuban government was formed in Guáimaro, an occasion on which Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, when sworn in as its president, asserts that "Cuba has contracted in the act of undertaking its fight against the oppressor, the solemn commitment to consummate its independence or perish on demand; in the act of giving itself a democratic government, that of being a republican ".  

The decision of freedom or death is ratified and signed there, the seed of our homeland is invigorated there to keep alive decorum and dignity that our heroes bequeathed to us, and that Fidel cemented forever.

There is no doubt, Guáimaro impregnated the month of April so that it would remain in Cuban history, giving birth to realities for the good of the nation, and after many vicissitudes, the Cuban Revolutionary Party was also born on April 10 to unite wills, arms and machete in pursuit of freedom. 

It is precisely that nobility born in April that leads us to victory in Playa Girón, to deliver the first great military defeat to imperialism in America, and to maintain Cuban sovereignty during all these years of confrontations, although always encouraged and united by the Martí's moral force and Fidel's anti-imperialism. 

The example of April 10, 1869 maintains the vast majority of a dignified people in radiant luminosity, marks the path of current Cuban sovereignty, and preserves the insubordinate principle and sentiment of Cubans - already genetic - in the face of the ferocity of the neighboring empire. 

It also allows us to celebrate this month for the third time the most important meeting of the communists and the people, the Party Congress, for more Revolution and Socialism in Cuba.