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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Saturday, April 10, 2021

Nurseries in Cuba and everlasting gratitude

By Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

60th anniversary of the creation of children's nurseries in Cuba

This year, when day care centers in Cuba reach the sixty years of their creation, unforgettable and happy moments related to my childhood come to my mind that I recall today from the childhood of my son. 

For thousands of working mothers -like me- it is a real guarantee to know that our children, in addition to education, receive in these places a lot of love, happiness, health, good habits and basic knowledge.   

It is really gratifying to see that the educators in the nursery schools, just by getting there, put aside any personal problems to give themselves to our children with the sole and supreme satisfaction of seeing them happy.

It is those same little ones who one day turned into teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals at the service of the Nation, express with pride: She was my "master" in the circle!

Therefore, the day becomes special to recognize these personnel and express the deepest gratitude for so many hours of care while mothers remain away in other tasks, and we know our babies are protected and happy. 

Congratulations are extended to those who run these educational centers with responsibility and dedication because they know that they have in their hands the most precious thing in many homes: our “dwarf princes”. 

In this difficult stage, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, day care centers have proven their worth by caring for and educating children so that mothers linked to indispensable positions can continue to be active in the workplace.    

I am sure that such a complex experience has contributed to the strengthening of these institutions, so there are more than enough reasons to celebrate this April 10 the six decades of its creation thanks to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and Vilma Espín, eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women. 

Many mothers surely longed as much as I did, to disguise our children as doctors or policemen, as it usually happens every year for this date, but fate wanted the initiative to be from home and incidentally, once again, to honor those who from those labors risk their lives directly facing the pandemic. 

I know that the "gentlemen" yearn to share this day with the entire enrollment of the circle, but they know that now the distance - in the case of some - is important to later meet again and share all together. 

And it is that they are these "magic houses" where our little ones grow up from love and tenderness because they are excellent places to make friends, learn, grow, train...

The trajectory has been long, marked by constant improvement and infinite love, and I can assure you that the best of the results is palpable in thousands of Cubans. (Photos: Archive and the author)