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Saturday, May 15, 2021
Monday, April 12, 2021

Local small industry El Renacer willing to excel in productive outcome

Camagüey, Apr 12 - With the capacity to process four tons of food in a single day, the El Renacer mini-industry in this city is currently the most prominent within the Urban Agriculture program of the province of Camagüey, even though its technology is obsolete.

Created in 2009 in an old mattress factory, it assumes several times a year the productive peaks of some crops, such as currently the processing of tomatoes to make the demanded puree of that vegetable, for which its workers work 12 hours in two shifts.

The garlic and onion paste, the mixed seasoning and the seasoned vinegar, are the products with which 15 points of sale plus eight little squares are supplied in this city, and small orders from various institutions and companies in the demarcation, explained to the ACN Arquímides Betancourt Pichardo, its administrator.

In addition, he said that they also manufacture various sweets in syrup, fruit jams according to the season of the year, sauces to season and pickles, all with a wide demand and acceptance by the population.

Regarding the acquisition of raw materials, he explained that they rely on independent producers, the Provincial Collection Company and the management of the entity's sales representatives in other provinces such as Holguín, Sancti Spíritus and Santiago de Cuba, the eastern territory where they obtain a representative part of the mango pulp with which they later make various foods.

Sometimes it has been sold directly to health institutions in Havana and to the Cienfuegos Fishing Company, which considerably increases the profits of the mini-industry, and becomes an economic incentive for workers, said Betancourt Pichardo.

Currently 15 people work in the factory, 10 of them directly in the production, among which Ramiro Plácido Rodríguez Basulto stands out, who at 79 shows the same vitality of the youngest, and impresses his desire to do more each day.

I cannot stay at home knowing that I still have the strength to work, and since my retirement in 2002 I have never been disconnected, that is why it bothers me so much to see how others prefer to be lazy and can be socially useful with their work, he said.

Within the group, he is one of the most beloved members, although in general they work in a cohesive way, which guarantees the optimal functioning of El Renacer.

Among the projections of El Renacer is to enter the international market with the commercialization of pickled quail eggs, for which they must first improve their technology, an aspiration that will be assigned through the Ministry of Agriculture immediately, the necessary equipment arrives in the country.

This type of factory is an example of how much can be achieved from the communities themselves to contribute to the necessary territorial food self-sufficiency, in addition to promoting a rapprochement of several lines to the population. (ACN) (Photo: File)