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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Immortal Faith

By Edel Blanco Duarte / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

The intense fire caused by a sabotage carried out at the El Encanto store in Havana burned her body on April 13, 1961. Fe del Valle was burned, the victim of another terrorist attack perpetrated against Cuba by mercenaries paid by the CIA.

At approximately seven o'clock in the evening the flames began to spread through the large shopping center, and quickly took over the entire property, causing the walls to collapse.

Some survivors say that “Lula”, as they affectionately called Fe, returned to look for the funds that had been raised for the construction of day care centers or that he was guiding the workers to leave; the fact is that he was a victim of terrorist actions against Cuba.

The hatred and money of those who dictated the destiny of the Cuban nation before January 1, 1959, prompted the realization of that barbarism that separated a 43-year-old woman from her companions and prevented two children, Robin and Erick, to enjoy the love of his mother for a longer time.

With that sabotage, the enemies of the Revolution wanted to demonstrate, once again, their dissatisfaction with this process and its significance.

They tried to spread - as is still the case - a policy of fear that would create chaos and discontent among the population and allow the US government to intervene on the island, as it had done before in 1898.

Among the intellectual and physical perpetrators of the incident was not a single illiterate, not a single poor Cuban, who still at that time, with the Literacy Campaign underway, had lots in cities and fields.

The murderers were individuals with low instincts who thought that, with vileness of this type, they were going to change the course of that “shift too far to the left” that made them startled before the danger of their interests.

But Faith did not die for Cuban history; inspired and inspires courage against injustices. She has multiplied and lives in each federated, in each militia, in each woman who defends the Revolution. (Photo: File)