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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan announced

Washington, Apr 14 - President Joe Biden will withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan in the coming months and the end of that decision must occur on September 11, an official source reported.

That day will mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks against the Twin Towers in New York and other North American sites, which led Washington to unleash what it called the war against terrorism.

Before May 1, the date by which Donald Trump, Biden's predecessor, pledged to remove the uniforms from Afghanistan, we will begin an orderly withdrawal of the forces still there, a senior US official said at a press conference by telephone.

According to the source, who requested anonymity, the United States will end the war in Afghanistan, the longest in its history, almost 20 years after starting its participation in that war.

The official said that the head of the White House will formally announce his plan tomorrow, and no conditions will be imposed on the Afghan government or the Taliban for the withdrawal.

Biden concluded that a conditions-based approach, the one used for the past two decades, is a recipe for staying in Afghanistan forever, he said.

Official data indicate that the United States currently has 3,500 troops in that Asian country, and the criticized North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Washington partners support another 7,000 soldiers.

Through the coordination of all parties, the complete withdrawal of the military will be achieved within the same deadline set by Biden, said the official. (PL)