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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cuba's unity against unconventional war stands out in political meeting

Havana, Apr 18 - The positive development of relations between the US and Cuba should be linked to the cessation of the blockade, their laws and unconventional warfare, transcends Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

This is how the first secretary of the political organization, Raúl Castro, referred it as part of the Central Report that is debated by commissions in the eighth edition of the most important political event on the island.

"The aggressive behavior unleashed by the previous US administration reaffirms with clear evidence that any perspective of a truly positive evolution in the relationship between the two countries, to be sustainable, would have to be associated with the elimination of the economic blockade and the legislative framework that supports it.", he pointed.

In this sense, he reiterated the will to develop a respectful dialogue and build a new type of relationship with the United States, without pretending that in order to achieve this, Cuba renounces the principles of the Revolution and Socialism, makes concessions inherent to its sovereignty and independence, yield in the defense of its ideals and the exercise of its foreign policy.

The first secretary of the PCC urged us to remain vigilant, not forget history, protect the country and build the economic foundations that allow us to successfully face an incessant and asymmetric economic war.

The US policy against Cuba has methods, some unprecedented, that took the economic war to a more aggressive level, he explained.

Raúl Castro emphasized that the above is reflected in the material deficiencies that accompany the daily life of every Cuban.

"Sometimes the objective data on the damage that the United States has caused to the Cuban economy and the impact of the more than 240 coercive measures adopted since 2017 is not sufficiently understood or is not carefully evaluated," he stressed.

He added that to this is added the shameless campaign financed from Washington to promote the lie that the blockade is not real, that it does not truly harm the Cuban economy.

The first secretary denounced again that these lies are spread by the powerful media at the service of imperialism and digital networks designed to influence the thinking of many, even some of our fellow Cubans.

"Let's not forget that the government of the United States created the Internet Working Group for Cuba, which aims for social networks to become channels of subversion," he said.

Raúl Castro recalled the measures that the outgoing US administration applied against the island since 2017 and mentioned in particular the restrictions against business entities under the pretext that they belong to the defense and security sector.

He denounced that the true objective is to extend the siege, obstruct the process of updating the economy, break the management of the State and impose chaos to provoke a social outbreak.

Similarly, he rejected the financial persecution against the island, the restrictions on sending remittances to punish Cubans, as well as the closure of many of the flights between the two countries.

“One of the most significant actions, due to its degree of cruelty, inadmissibility in the face of International Law and the impunity with which the United States undertakes it, is the effort, since April 2019, to deprive Cuba of supplies of fuels, "he added.

Raúl Castro praised the resistance capacity and unity of the island's people in the face of these unconventional war measures.

In addition, he denounced the persecution by Washington of foreign investors, companies and businessmen who are committed to an economic and commercial relationship with Cuba. (Text and photo: PL)