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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Monday, April 19, 2021

The Revolution is still supported by everyday rebells

In the historical memory of the Cuban people, April 19 marks, for 60 years, a memorable milestone: the day of victory in Playa Girón.

For many reasons 1961 was a decisive year, but undoubtedly the first great defeat of Yankee imperialism in Latin America stands out, achieved in less than 72 hours by the uniformed people who faced and defeated mercenaries financed and trained by counterrevolutionary organizations based in the United States. with the support of the government of the day in that nation.

Fulminating but forceful, the deed led by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro galvanized confidence in the ability to defend, above all, the independence of the Homeland; strengthened anti-imperialist consciousness and consolidated socialism.

Despite the resounding failure of the frontal attack, the chain of aggressions by the US government has not stopped in all these years.

Since the progressive and systematic resurgence of the economic blockade designed to suffocate the Cuban Revolution, the “northern neighbor” persists in attacking, both directly and indirectly, with unsuccessful attempts to undermine the sovereignty of a country that will never bend. 

As Fidel affirmed, “never has a people had such sacred things to defend; nor convictions so deep for which to fight”. This is the spirit that inspires millions of compatriots these days and this is corroborated by the recent sessions of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba that concludes this April 19, guiding the priorities in the next five years with their agreements and resolutions.

To overcome the complexities of these times, marked by the persistence of COVID-19, we Camagüey are called to continue advancing in the implementation of the economic and social model for the benefit of collective development; in solving the obstacles that hinder the achievement of better results; and in obtaining a harmonious functioning between the different actors of society.

In this endeavor, it is up to the people of Camaguey, in the first place, to effectively increase food production, with an emphasis on livestock; strengthen the socialist state enterprise, tempered by the powers granted by the Ordinance Task; expand self-employment; substitute imports, while generating new exportable items; and promote the autonomy of the municipalities, and therefore, local development.

At the distance of six decades, the battles to preserve independence and development do not stop. In the new circumstances, the Girón epic inspires us to materialize the multiplicity of challenges that summon us.

As then, each battle will have an entire people as a soldier, willing to overcome any obstacle, led by the Communist Party of Cuba. Always ready, today's militiamen continue in combat, unstoppable, showing that the year has many April 19, a paradigmatic day of victory.