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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Monday, April 19, 2021

Digital exhibition Torchas Martianas y Betancinas closed in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Apr 19 - The Committee of Solidarity with Cuba (CSC) of Puerto Rico closed the day before an exhibition of digital painting Antorchas Martianas y Betancinas, by the artist Luis Alonso Vega, which highlights the brotherhood between the two Caribbean nations.

The social activist Juan Camacho, from the CSC leadership, said that the exhibition remained for four days, from April 15 to 18, in the Dominican House, in the capital sector of Villa Palmeras, in Santurce, in honor of the Cuban patricians. José Martí (1853-1995) and Puerto Rican Ramón Emeterio Betances (1827-1898).

Alonso Vega, who has a consistent career in photography, journalism and audiovisual production, found through experimentation mechanisms the way to transform his photos and other images into what he describes as 'digital painting'.

The transformation is obtained by manipulating the images using various electronic editing programs, creating a very particular graphic art transforming reality into a genuine expression.

In this way, he has managed to create a new way of seeing the world and a large selection of images on very varied topics that include abstracts, prints of the past, statues and monuments, landscapes, Cuba and its Revolution, Puerto Rican patriots and historical personalities, among others.

The author says that throughout his life he has been fond of photographic composition and the combination of intense colors, using digital editing programs to enhance the images until he found the appropriate combination of digital editing.

The exhibition coincided with the birth of the father of the Puerto Rican nation, Ramón Emeterio Betances, and with two important events: the Continental Day Against the Blockade of Cuba and the commemoration of the Victory of Playa Girón, in which an invasion against the Revolution financed by the United States.

It was indicated that part of the proceeds from the exhibition Antorchas Martianas y Betancinas in solidarity with Cuba with the sale of works will be used to purchase sanitary equipment against COVID-19 to be donated to the Cuban people.

This event is a sign of the continuity of solidarity that our people have reciprocally maintained with the Cuban people for more than a century, Camacho said. (PL)