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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ministry of Tourism of Cuba celebrates 27th anniversary of creation

Havana, 21 Apr.- The Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) of Cuba today turns 27 years of created, as a continuation of the effort to enhance the travel industry in the midst of a complex situation because of the COVID-19.

The documents of the body itself state that as part of the process of measures to face the so-called Special Period in the 90s of the last century, the Mintur was founded.

It was the stage of collapse of the USSR, and the Cuban government sought to reduce the number of Central State Administration Bodies and adapt their functions to the prevailing conditions.

Then, through Decree Law No. 147 of April 21, 1994, article 12 established the extinction of the National Tourism Institute (Intur) and the creation of the current Mintur.

However, Cuba, due to its characteristics and beauty, always had an eye toward the leisure industry, and after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the main objective of said sector sought quality tourism, health, and safety, focused on the culture and family.

During the pre-revolutionary stage, the total lack of a commercial policy in line with tourism development was evidenced, the Mintur documents recall.

With the triumph of the Revolution, on November 20, 1959, the National Institute of Tourism Industry (INIT) was created, in charge of the new conditions. INIT sought to structure tourism that responded to the cultural, historical and social values ​​of the country.

At that time, the main objective was to facilitate travel and recreation for nationals, and in the second instance to attend to those who arrived from socialist countries, in addition to promoting ties of this type with the rest of the world.

Starting in 1970, INIT undertook a plan for the development of international tourism. This new policy allowed renovating and equipping the hotel facilities.

It is then that by means of Law 1323 of Organization of the Central Administration of the Cuban State Intur was created, on November 30, 1976.

The Intur led to the emergence of major companies related to the sector as the Popular Camping (1981), the Tourist Company Cubanacan (1987), Havanatur (1988) and Gaviota (1988), among others.

Therefore, the appearance as such of the Mintur in 1994 and its administrative design allowed Cuba, before the pandemic, to exceed four million foreign visitors and consolidate an entire industry as the main driver of the Cuban economy. (Text and photo: PL)