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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

XXIX Festival La Huella de España will be held online

Havana, Apr 21.- Dedicated to Alicia Alonso, the XXIX Festival La Huella de España, will arrive from April 22 to 25 in digital environments, as a sign of the effort of Cuban institutions to continue delivering cultural proposals to the public of the country.

This was ratified by the vice minister of culture, Fernando Rojas, during a press videoconference held through the Streaming Cuba account, which linked the headquarters of the Cuban National Ballet, the Multimedia Study of the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT) and the Heredia Cultural Complex, in Santiago de Cuba.

The conference was attended, in this virtual variant, by Ángel Martín, Spanish ambassador to Cuba; Redento Morejón, executive deputy director of the National Ballet of Cuba; Julio Santamarina, president of the Federation of Spanish Societies of Cuba; Alberto Méndez, artistic director of La Huella de España; and Miriam Vila, general coordinator of the festival.

The effort to develop the Festival La Huella de España online is part of the effort of hundreds of activities that have been carried out in this way over the past year and so far, which has made it possible not to miss events or presentations. artistic, or premieres of video clips, plays or poetic concerts, said Rojas.

According to the deputy minister, the institutional will to maintain a growing offer to the public in this way should be highlighted and he underlined the essential meaning of this edition and its relationship with the Iberian roots in our culture, with the different communities and regions of Spain to which The 28 editions have been successively dedicated and that the cultural ajiaco that we are can be treasured once again, as the wise Don Fernando Ortiz said, he added. 

For the Spanish ambassador in Cuba, it is an honor to find himself in that role on the island, during the festival, as he explained, it is an event where not only those traces of the past are recognized but also supported, and considers that this space that allowed to Spanish companies is worthy of appreciation.   

On behalf of Viengsay Valdés, director of the BNC, and who chairs the festival, Miriam Vila, event organizer, thanked the support received, so far, and shared the advantages of doing this online edition, among which she highlighted, the opportunity to take the I find everyone. 

He explained that the program of the contest is comprehensive, although not as much as desired, due to the epidemiological situation, even so, videos not seen before about milestones in the career of Alicia Alonso, and keynote conferences, will be shared by Streaming Cuba and the Channel Clave from 11 am, with retransmission in the afternoon and evening.

The conferences will be four in total, given by Pedro Simón, Miguel Cabreras, Eduardo Veitía, and the councilor of the Spanish embassy in Cuba.

For their part, both Redento Morejón and Alberto Méndez highlighted the efforts to bring this significant edition of the event, founded by Alicia Alonso, to whom this year is dedicated.

The president of the Federation of Spanish Societies of Cuba, regretted that the 44 dance groups that they have, and that generally join the event, due to the conditions imposed by COVID-19, could not participate this year.   

This year, the event poster emphasizes the link between the two cultures, through an image that shows Alicia Alonso and Antonio Gades in the ballet Ad Libitum, a piece choreographed by Alberto Méndez with music by Sergio Vitier, conceived especially for the scenic encounter of both dancers. (ACN)