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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Camagüeyano Albornoz leads Cuban team for University Chess World Cup

Havana, Apr 21.- Four men and two women led by national champion Carlos Daniel Albornoz make up the Cuban team that will participate in the World University Chess Championship, based in Paris, France, from July 27 to 31.

The team was announced by the Cuban Chess Federation and is also made up of Arnaldo de La Vara, William Hernández, Jorge Elías, Karla July Fernández and Leancy Fernández, all belonging to higher education centers in different provinces. 

It is an excellent opportunity to promote the international participation of our young athletes, said the national methodologist Wilfredo Toledo, who added that parameters such as previous and accumulated Elo results were taken into account for the formation of the cast.

Before final integration, other players with a presence in the various online tournaments held during the last 12 months were evaluated, and performance in the semifinal and final stages of the national championships was even taken into consideration.

The university contest will have, according to the official announcement, two independent events of rapid games and Blitz, in both cases with a team format of four regular boards, in which the composition of the sexes must be mixed.

Registration will be open until the 30th of this month and the organizers also have the support of the International Federation (Fide) for the organization.

The document sent to the national federations emphasizes that all participants must belong to university centers and clarifies that the celebration will have the strict sanitary measures that mark each appointment since the appearance of COVID-19. (ACN)