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Saturday, May 15, 2021
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cuba presents expertise in Stomatology during forum in China

Beijing, Apr 21 - Cuba presented its experience in Stomatology, professional training and promotion of oral health at a forum on the topic that meets today the city of Shijiazhuang, northern China.

The island was represented by Yamira Palacios and Mariela García, national director of Stomatology, who intervened by videoconference.

Both presentations outlined the strengths of the Cuban health system, the importance given to the prevention of oral problems and the implementation of programs aimed at specific groups and the population considered vulnerable.

According to a publication of the Cuban Medical Brigade in China, during the event the challenges of both countries were also analyzed in terms of optimizing the quality of health care and, with it, the satisfaction of the public.

Likewise, the parties reaffirmed their will to seek new opportunities for exchanges in future cooperation projects for the benefit of both sides.

In recent years, the interest of Chinese regions and authorities has grown in the strengths, achievements and experiences that Cuba accumulates in health, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, areas with recognized international prestige.

In fact, this week the newspaper The Paper dedicated a report to the confrontation of the Covid-19 pandemic on the island and the development of five vaccine candidates amid sanctions, economic difficulties and the blockade imposed by the United States.

This medium highlighted the good reception of the immunizers among Cubans, but also the interest of countries such as Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, India, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua in receiving them.

Last month, China and Cuba renewed a memorandum that will allow them to continue collaborating in health for another five years, strengthen relations and explore business opportunities in this field.

This agreement was initially signed in 2014 and its extension includes the presence of professionals from the island in health institutions in the Asian giant.

Another objective is to expand cooperation in fields such as biotechnology and promote ties in the context of academic training with Cuban personnel, investments, health tourism and development of technology parks. (Text and photo: PL)