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Saturday, May 15, 2021
Thursday, April 22, 2021

Endemic Birds of the Caribbean Festival begins today

Havana, Apr 22 - Today begins the XIX Festival of Endemic Birds of the Caribbean and although in a virtual stage you will be able to appreciate the vocalization of the birds, the amazing power of their flight and the identification of those that surround their followers.

Sing, fly and rise like the birds is the suggestive title of this meeting, which opens online this Thursday due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and on which new measures are adopted to counter it.

The meeting is coordinated nationally by the Bird Ecology Group, of the Faculty of Biology, of the University of Havana, the Cuban News Agency exclusively informed the Doctor of Science Roberto Alonso Bosch, President of the Cuban Society of Zoology.

According to the program, there will be presentations of Cuban endemic species with relevant data on their biology, as well as photos, songs, curiosities, games, challenges, questionnaires and presentation of relevant scientific results, among other elements.

One of its essential objectives is to increase knowledge of what makes each species unique and at the same time encourage love and admiration for birds, which should be reversed in the conservation of species and their habitats, said Alonso Bosch.

About 20 countries confirm their participation each year, although the BirdsCaribbean society and the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival itself have their Facebook page for their launches.

Alonso Bosch indicated that in 2021, with more time and experience than the previous one, new materials and various activities have been prepared, including the setting up of a Telegram channel (

Also a page on Facebook (Festival of Endemic Birds of the Caribbean in Cuba), with the intention of making possible the interaction between the participants to some extent. (Text and photo: ACN)