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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Monday, April 26, 2021

#Unblock:a word of love and salvation

Perhaps there is someone in the neighborhood that you do not like, probably you do not even share many viewpoints.

But what if passing in front of your house you see that person feeling bad, that he can barely get together and he needs help? What would you do if you see that his son or daughter has a health problem and you have the possibility to help him, to support him?

Yes, I can imagine your answer, you would probably do whatever you could, because that's what the human essence is all about.

What humanism, what solidarity, what love for the Cuban people then drives a government that has caused losses to the sensitive sphere of health of more than 160 million dollars? 

And they are not just figures, no, nor is it an attack on the government or the state, on the regime as they usually call it, there are millions that go against the people, against people who get sick and are not cured as they could or who die.

Health is a priority for the Cuban government, if it were not, the deaths would have multiplied.

In the report to the United Nations General Assembly on the need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, it was reflected that the accumulated damages during almost six decades of application of this policy exceed three thousand millions of dollars.

Translating the numbers into facts, as the document refers, the blockade denies access to medical technologies of US origin or with more than 10 percent of components from that country, so in many cases they cannot be obtained to achieve more. precision in diagnoses, treatments and speed in the recovery of patients with less invasive interventions. 

Important National Health Programs, such as Maternal and Child Care, Serious Patient Care, Comprehensive Program for Cancer Control, as well as several aimed at the prevention and control of Noncommunicable Diseases, cannot be fully implemented due to these limitations.

Something similar happens if we talk about COVID-19, the focus of attention in the past calendar and what goes on in this, the same disease that has led hundreds of Cubans to help save lives in any country in the world regardless of its development or its political ideology, the virus for which all international organizations have spoken in the name of unity.

Imagine then that the illness of your neighbor, or of her son, is so serious that the whole block is in your function and that it can affect any of you and let's see what has happened with two examples that the aforementioned report illustrates

In March 2020, when it all started, a donation of mechanical lung ventilators, diagnostic kits, masks and other medical supplies necessary to face COVID-19, sent by the Chinese company ALIBABA, could not reach Cuban territory.

Why? Because the contracted transport company refused to send the cargo to Cuba, claiming that its main shareholder was a US company, which is why it was subject to the blockade regulations.

Another case was related to two Swiss companies that passed into the hands of the United States and after having done business with Cuba in the past, due to sanctions, they refused to provide us with high-tech mechanical lung ventilators, essential for the treatment of affected patients. for the new coronavirus.

The result we suffer even more now that many of those who require ventilation are our children, the neighbor's or any of us.

Then reach out to those who need it and let no one convince them by letting them die in the name of love for the people and not for the government, because whoever loves saves.

Cuba does not ask for a transition to socialism in the countries to which it sends doctors, you do not ask for anything when you help and the mere fact of being human, no matter how we think, gives us all the right to health and life. (Dania Díaz Socarrás / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: File)