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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Thursday, April 29, 2021

Colombian trade unionists continue today in the National Strike

Bogotá, April 29 - A union organization announced that it will continue today the National Strike that began this Wednesday against the announcement of a new law to increase some taxes and impose the collection of urban tolls.

This Thursday's strike will insist on the opposition to the Tax Reform, will continue on May 19 and will continue as long as the government persists in the current proposal, added the leader of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores, Francisco Maltés.

There will be massive, vigorous and peaceful marches, while the requests will include points such as basic income and support for small and medium-sized companies, included in the emergency specifications presented in 2019 by the Unemployment Committee.

Also, we planned a day on May 1, Labor Day, for cities where it is possible due to the absence of confinement in the face of COVID-19, and in which there are no conditions, the protest will be made on social networks.

Spokesmen for the aforementioned Committee also called on the government to take action against the increase in crimes against social leaders, as well as the increase in femicides and victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People are starving because of the economic crisis or because of the disease, because vaccines do not arrive in time, organizers added.

The strike this Wednesday left one dead, 42 injured and the same number arrested, due to the violent acts of citizens outside the protests, organized throughout the country.

Peaceful actions were mixed with attacks by unscrupulous individuals, who sabotaged public buildings and bus stations, burned vehicles and caused the death of one person in Cali.

That western city recorded attacks for which some 30 citizens were detained, violent acts against the military and serious public order problems, according to Interior Minister Daniel Palacios.

The strike called by the workers' centrals rejected the tax measures of the so-called Sustainable Solidarity Bill announced by the executive to finance the crisis generated by COVID-19. (Text and photo: PL)