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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Friday, April 30, 2021

IV Festival Matanzas Jazz held online

Matanzas, Apr 30.- The musical segment Del recuerdo and a space with the theme Jazz greets Son opened here this Thursday the IV Matanzas Jazz Festival, which will have an online program until May 2.

The opening remarks corresponded to Miguel Ángel“Miguelón” Rodríguez, president of the organizing committee, who thanked the broad presence of musicians, in response to the call for the COVID-19 pandemic, “but no less enthusiastic and cultured”.

"The event will promote the broad spectrum of the genre," assured Rodríguez, director of the Mestizaje group, while the opening day included the screening of documentaries and talks in tribute to relevant figures; as well as graphic exhibitions and videos.

The program is completed on digital platforms by the Obert Davis Chicago Philharmonic, the pianist Alejandro Falcón and the Cubadentro group, the Youth Jazz Band Swing Cubano, Mestizaje and the Lira Matancera orchestra.

This fourth edition will evoke the 110th anniversary of the birth of the emblematic Matanzas musician Ignacio de Loyola Rodríguez Scull, known as Arsenio Rodríguez (1911-1970).

The program until next Sunday will include concerts by Falcón together with the rumba group Los Muñequitos de Matanzas; from the Jazz Band Casino Bellamar, the Athens Brass Ensemble wind quintet and the Matanzas Chamber Choir.

Presentations by prominent figures and groups such as José María Vitier, Bobby Carcassés, Orlando Valle “Maraca”, Yasek Manzano, Afrocuba,Orquesta Failde,GastónJoya and his New Cuban Trío, and Janio Abreu and Aires de Concierto are planned.

The agenda is completed by the lectures Vocal jazz: notes for a story; The legend of the wonderful blind man; and Jazz and human rights: diversity, inclusion and freedom of improvisation, as well as the Matanzas panel for jazz and vice versa.

This festival, with a young trajectory, shows its fruits in the consolidation of diverse audiences that consider it an initiative of impact in the formation of jazz aesthetic taste, the group promoting the event highlighted in a message.

Matanzas Jazz - the source added - will be a space for promotion and dissemination and will pay special tribute to the Afro antecedent as one of the common elements of the rhythm born in the southern United States at the end of the 19th century, and to Cuban music. (PL)