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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Monday, May 3, 2021

Complex epidemiological situation calls not to lower our guard in Camagüey

By Luis Cadir / Radio Cadena Agramonte

Reflecting the national context, the province of Camagüey is experiencing an increase in confirmed cases with COVID19, due to a spread that goes beyond the main municipality, which calls for strengthening control measures.

The appearance of new strains and mutations with dizzying and lethal development, tense fears within the population and occupy the responsible surveillance of the territorial authorities.

Given the complex health situation in the territory, it is urgent to adopt and above all to comply with urgent measures to stop the transmission and increase of positive cases of the disease.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the territory, like the rest of the country, through the Provincial Defense Council developed a set of measures for different stages, aimed at counteracting the spread of the virus and its effects on citizens.

Not however structured actions for each stage and phase of the disease, targeted public health measures and the information spread to prevent contagion, there are still gaps in citizen behaviour that aggravate the provinceʼs scenario.

Crowds, disrespect for social distancing, inappropriate use of masks, incorrect use of disinfectant solutions are some of the bad actions that break epidemic control.

Many institutional measures can contribute to order, as a sample button, schedules can be re-evaluated in commercial and service establishments dedicated to selling modules and other benefits that the people demand.

It is urgent to demand and enforce the provisions of the local authorities in a mandatory manner, with a judicious, responsible and energetic action of all the institutions and personnel designated to demand discipline, order and compliance with citizen behavior according to the current danger.

Due to all the above and in view of the spread of the disease in Camagüey, a greater responsibility of each one is necessary; the efforts of health workers, science and the people, as well as the highest authorities of the country, deserve a positive result for life. (Photo: File)