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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Monday, May 3, 2021

Measures are approved in Cuba to stimulate food production

Havana, May 3 - New measures aimed at stimulating food production in Cuba were approved by the country's top leadership and published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).

Among the measures approved, 30 have a priority character in the effort to increase food for the people, in the midst of a context conditioned by the intensification of the US economic blockade against Cuba, the effects caused by COVID-19 and the implementation of the socio-economic strategy to mitigate these evils.

Consider individual agricultural producers as part of the agricultural production base; prioritize investments in productive programs with the greatest impact on import substitution and exports; and applying a financial treatment to a group of cooperatives that currently reflect losses and have the possibility of continuing in operations, are some of the actions outlined by MINAG.

Similarly, food production will be consolidated at the local level, including Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, and livestock modules; the development of the mini-industry for the elaboration of products with this destination will be promoted; and state production will be recovered in the 26 whole pigs.

The measures will also try to boost meat and egg production in poultry companies; implement the 28 measures planned for the recovery of bovine livestock, conceived in the socio-economic strategy; and authorize the commercialization of beef and self-consumption to producers, after complying with the state commission, and provided that they guarantee that there is no decrease in the livestock mass.

The sale of milk and its derivatives is also authorized from the fulfillment of the delivery plan and indicators established by the livestock; and the design and management of nature and rural tourism products will be developed in state companies, cooperatives and agricultural producers, under the modalities of local development projects. (ACN) (Photo: File)