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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Latin America increases qualifications towards Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Havana, May 5 - At least 10 Latin American nations added Olympic tickets in athletics, fencing and diving and the athletes of the region continue today the qualifying route towards the Tokyo 2020 Games. 

In the middle of the Diving World Cup and after a weekend of the Relay World Cup and Pan-American Fencing, the delegations of Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela increased their squares with a view to the Tokyo event, from July 23 to August 8.

Mexico added in the last hours places in diving to raise the quotas in this discipline to 10 and with Diego Cervantes's ticket in the men's foil, it reached 123 athletes insured in 18 sports towards the tournament in the Japanese capital. 

The South American giant, with a figure of more than 200 athletes in 24 disciplines, this weekend celebrated the passport of the men's 4 x 400 long post in the Silesian World Cup to reach 212 Olympic tickets. 

Chile thanked the young Katina Proestakis for the gold in women's foil to accumulate 41 ready exponents to Tokyo and the largest number of classified sports in its history under the shadow of the five rings with 18. 

Venezuela raised the quotas to Tokyo to 24, thanks to the performances of José Félix Quinteros (continental gold in men's saber) and Oscar Ariza (diving), who occupied the 14th seat in the semifinals of the synchronized platform at 10 meters. 

Cuba with the historical title of the female quartet of 4 x 400 meters in Poland amounted to 48 places; meanwhile, diver Rafael Quintero obtained passport 27 from the Puerto Rican delegation after finishing 13th in the semi-final of the 10-meter platform at the Tokyo World Cup. 

For her part, María Luisa Doig gave away ticket 19 from Peru; the male and female relays from Ecuador increased the insured to 22 and the Dominican mixed quartet increased the qualifiers from the Central American nation to 25. 

The diver Sebastián Villa finished in 12th place in the Tokyo World Cup to guarantee the competition in its third Olympic games and in this way Colombia reached 38 fixed places for the multisport event. 

In the absence of 81 days for the Tokyo version, athletes from the Latin American region intensify their preparation and give away prizes for their fans in the run-up to realizing the Olympic dream in the Japanese capital. (PL)