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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Friday, May 7, 2021

Information as a weapon in the hands of the Revolution

By Luis Cadir Machín Cuadrado / Radio Cadena Agramonte

Great battles have been fought against disinformation since before the triumph of January 1959 and after that, there are examples of tendentious slanders that seek to discredit our work and more than that, the socialist system.

Our Constitution includes the duties and rights of each person regarding access and freedom of the press, in addition to the principles of organization and operation established for the media.

In this way, everything that is news is made available to the people with total transparency to keep them educated and able to discern between what is real and what is false.

For their purposes, before as now, the adversaries of our social project from abroad and those rented in the national territory, have considerable technical and financial resources provided by the United States as the main and most interested supplier, without being the only one.

For their defamatory campaigns, in addition to the traditional media, they use a new tool: social networks, more comprehensive, fast and easy to manipulate to transmit infamy in their quest for social outbreak and "liquidate the Homeland."

Today, everything that is disclosed about the peddlers that coexist in a Havana neighborhood and another in Santiago, is the result of crude manipulation with destabilizing purposes at times of pandemic fatigue, intensified blockade and other tensions.

Not however to support and resources received by these outcasts, we can say that the members of San Isidro, on November 27 and the so - called Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), and fits them immediately afterwards, the title of In Memoriam.

The recent information exposed by the various communication channels of ours, educate and make man grow, while others put it at the service of spurious interests and put those who consume it in the dark.

When observing the transparency with which the plans and actions of these recycled adversaries are dismantled, I allow myself to recall what was written by journalist José Dos Santos in May 2014, referring to the type of press that supports the counterrevolution and what we do for the common good:

“From the money on which it is based, the facilities to create and spred it, the priority content and its commitment to the imperial agenda make this mess presented as a “free press” an affront to the freedom that they want to confiscate from us …”.

The country will continue to raise reason as a flag, because in the words of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Miguel Díaz- Canel Bermúdez Party, "The Revolution is true dialogue that puts truth ethics before indecency and perversity" and thus materializing that concept we prevent enemies from scoring small and evil victories when someone doubts false news. (Photo: File)