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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Cuba strengthens commercialization of sports products and services to face US blockade

Havana, May 11 –Currently, exporting is a difficult task. 

The global economic contraction, caused by the pandemic, makes it very difficult to manage Cuban companies already fiercely hit by the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States government since February 7, 1962.

However, the entrepreneurs of this time seem hardened in these vicissitudes and regenerate projects, open options and face with optimism every obstacle that threatens the goal of making this country prosperous and sustainable.

Due to COVID-19 we have had to reorient our projects, Yadira González Ruiz, president of Cubadeportes SA, an entity with exclusive rights to market Cuban sports products and services, told JIT.

We prioritize online services, mainly the courses that we develop in conjunction with the Ministries of Health and Higher Education. In this endeavor, our main ally has been the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences, he specified.

We also have leading centers such as the Havana Anti-Doping Laboratory, an icon of the sports medical system, whose prestige ratifies this small country of the so-called Third World as a bastion of science, he said. 

We do not spend time lamenting the situation facing humanity. We are focused on commercializing services that can provide generous income to Cuba, mainly in the case of technical assistance, he concluded.

The business area is among the most committed to the ambitious project of this distinctly Cuban mercantile company, whose headquarters is very close to the UCCFD.

Cubadeportes' strategy includes expanding professional contracts abroad and strong commercial management to increase markets and diversify offers, declared Beatriz González Pérez, business vice president.

Today we have collaborators in 11 countries, of them around 300 in Venezuela, 40 in other nations of America and the Caribbean, two in Europe and nine in Africa. The intention is to grow, of course, he assured.

We also handle nearly 200 specialist requests for recruitment in nations of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. They have not been able to materialize as agreed due to COVID-19, but interest remains latent in most cases, he said.

Inder appears among the 15 sectors prioritized by the national government and has six objectives for which it must respond in a first stage of implementation, scheduled between 2021 and 2022.

Of the 19 general tasks directed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, 14 have an impact on Inder. This has generated strategic alliances with the ministries of Health, Tourism, Higher Education, Communications, the provincial governments, Etecsa and others, González Pérez explained.

We have identified the entities with potential for the production of exportable services, as well as the basic actions for the productive chain until the year 2030, he stressed.

Projects are also executed to generate exportable services from the Cuban Sports Research Center and the computerization area. The first offers diagnostic and scouting studies, and the second the Sinfo system and other software, he cited as examples.

For the second semester we expect to complete most of these projects, announced one of the founders of the entity.

Leonid Alum Castillo, foreign business manager, is convinced that they must work with Swiss watchmaking precision and enormous momentum.

The absence of travel and training bases at the border limits the realization of our projects, but we are prepared to take action when the time comes and we look for emerging alternatives, commented who has barely accumulated a year in the entity.

Coming from the commercial area of ​​the Ministry of Health, he focuses his work on sponsorship, advertising and television rights activities, among other issues of notable opportunities.

We must energize everything. It is imposed by the prevailing situation on the planet. There is a pandemic, but we will overcome it. We are forced to continue working, looking for options not to mortgage the future, he said goodbye. (JIT) (Photo: File)