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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Second interests behind the alleged Havana Syndrome are denounced

Havana, May 12 - Dark interests are behind the campaign on the alleged Havana Syndrome, denounced today Johana Tablada, Deputy Director General of the United States Directorate of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

No report or study released to date in the United States, Cuba or the world provides scientific evidence that radio frequency waves of great intensity existed in the area where the diplomats who reported health symptoms were located, said the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex).

The only ones who got something out of this story are the members of a minority and reactionary group of desperate politicians willing to resort to any resource to try to impose and perpetuate the course of confrontation, lies and injustice in Washington's policy against the Cuban people and the Americans themselves, he said.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Tablada said that the group of experts from Cuba that investigated this issue declared and explained why the thesis put forward most recently is an unlikely hypothesis, and certainly not a proven fact as they try to fixate on people's imaginations unidentified sources and media.

He added that the Cuban Academy of Sciences disagreed on this possibility, which he described as a speculation presented as one more hypothesis, not supported by arguments in the body of the report published by the United States Academies of Sciences.

The Americans themselves cannot be sure what the cause of the reported symptoms is and the absence of information requested from the Washington government, which limited their study, is critical.

The diplomat reiterated that the Academy of Sciences and the team of Cuban experts reject the politicization of the issue and recently reiterated the call for collaboration between both countries to solve the matter and establish the truth.

Tablada stressed that to date the most concrete and factual thing that we have seen is that symptoms were reported with such diversity that even the doctors of the State Department explained, like the Cuban scientists, that not so many elements can be attributed to a common cause.

The official recalled that the unfounded accusation against her country of the attacks served as a pretext for the withdrawal of most of the personnel from the Washington Embassy in Havana, in 2017, together with an unprecedented sequence of hostility and setback actions in the relations between both countries and peoples.

He asserted that after the change of government in the White House we are facing a new cycle of articles and leaks on the alleged existence of attacks, a word not used by the official spokespersons of the Washington government in their most recent statements.

He pointed out that the common denominator of this set of publications is political speculation, the manipulation and absence of primary sources and the misleading reference that assumes and presents as a true fact a supposed syndrome that was not demonstrated by science.

The Deputy Director General of the United States Directorate of Cuba's Minrex pointed out that there is not really something like the Havana Syndrome outside of propaganda but we live in a world, she stressed, in which perceptions matter more than realities.

He said that the investigations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) of Cuba were serious and conclusive when ruling out the existence of ultrasonic or infrasonic sonic attacks.

Tablada stressed that Cuba has not questioned the existence of health symptoms, has investigated the issue from the police, medical and scientific spheres and has made many attempts and calls to cooperate by delivering information on its investigations to the United States government.

The diplomat concluded that the main victim of this entire saga seems to be the truth again.

The measures taken on the basis of unconfirmed speculations have not been reversed and the suffering they have caused the Cuban people, families and bilateral and inter-peoples relations has only been aggravated, he said.

On the other hand, recently the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, stated that agencies and departments throughout the federal government are working to address unexplained health incidents that are sometimes reported in different agencies and that did not occur in a single place.

While spokesmen such as Senator Marco Rubio, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, insist on the so-called Havana Syndrome despite Cuba's refusal, backed by scientific studies, which categorically departs from these actions.

According to analysis by various media, the truth is the first victim of this plot against Cuba. (Text and photo: PL)