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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Friday, May 14, 2021

Omara Portuondo and Gaby Moreno issue single Bolero a la Vida

Havana, May 14 - Bolero a la Vida is the title of the new song by the Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club (BVSC), Omara Portuondo, available from this Friday on digital platforms.

It is the second single from the next album by the immense interpreter, and where she is accompanied by the outstanding Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno to give us a resounding bolero, like life itself.

Exclusively to the ACN, the interpreter of the well-known romantic hymn Fuiste Tú (Ricardo Arjona), said that she had the opportunity to enjoy the talent of Omara Portuondo with the BVSC when they coincided in a couple of European concerts.

From that moment he realized that life was putting an extraordinary music star in front of him, made even more brilliant by his simplicity and kindness.

Producing some songs from this album, which is a symbol of renewal for her long career, is a true privilege, and even more so to sing along with her the song that she inspired us. Bolero a la Vida summarizes what this queen of Cuban song has hopefully transmitted, he stressed.

Moreno acknowledged that during his career he has had the opportunity to do several duets with important artists such as Hugh Laurie (the well-known actor and singer who plays Dr. House), Andrea Bocelli, Tommy Torres, Leonel García (Sin Bandera), and with his dear compatriot Ricardo Arjona.

All these participations, he maintained, have been a source of enormous satisfaction. However, this union of voices with Omara has moved me to the depths for being someone who is an icon not only in Cuba, but in the entire world.

Gaby Moreno, from Los Angeles, assumed the majority weight in the musical production and the arrangements of many of the songs on the album, in constant communication with the team in Cuba.

Tireless and dynamic after 90 years of fruitful existence, the new record production of the also known as the Feeling Bride, has kept her very busy, and even the COVID-19 pandemic has not diminished her will to live and sing.

Bolero a la Vida is another gift that anticipates the new record production in which former D'Aida member Omara Portuondo has worked throughout the pandemic, as a beautiful symbol of human creativity.

Recorded primarily at his home in Havana with the backing of producers Ariel Jiménez and Pedro Pablo Cruz and the sound by the experienced engineer Orestes Águila, the phonogram will be loaded with satisfaction and glory.

Artists of the stature of Dionne Warwick, Raphael, Susana Baca and Natalia Lafourcade have also responded to the call of the iconic singer, the Cuban representation includes Amaury Pérez, Alexander Abreu and the Failde Orchestra.

The first single, Silencio, together with the Puerto Rican Andy Montañez, was released at the end of last year as part of the celebrations for the nine decades of life of La Novia del Feeling.

Little is still known about the selected repertoire and the guest list promises surprises, but the singer's office has confirmed that the cover and final art of this album will be in charge of the great master of Cuban art Alfredo Sosabravo.

We also learned that for May 28 the release of the video clip is announced from Bolero to Life, by the talented audiovisual producer Joseph Ros, to put a face and cadence to the voices of the eternal Omara and the Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno. (Text and photo: ACN)