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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Friday, May 14, 2021

Cuban boxing team leaves today for Germany

Havana, May 14 - Under the aegis of head coach Rolando Acebal, the Cuban boxing team will depart today for Germany, the first destination of the three planned before returning to this capital on June 22.

The Cuban team made up of eight fighters plans to carry out blanks and joint training sessions for their participation in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As planned, the group will leave for Germany where they will be preparing for around 12 days in a joint training session with athletes from Mongolia, Kazakhstan and some locals.

Once their stay in that European country is over, the critical path of the Cuban boxing group in the face of the Olympic event foresees a transfer to Mexico, where they will carry out a training base of about 13 days, in addition to intervening in an event that is planned the participation of boxers classified to Tokyo and others with professional experience.

And at the end of their actions in Aztec territory, Acebal and his eight disciples will leave for the Netherlands, where they will carry out joint training sessions and possible fights against local fighters for 12 days. After completing their tasks in this third destination, the group will return to Havana.

The powerful Cuban boxing team is made up of several world and Olympic champions, among them Yosvani Veitía (52 Kg), Lázaro Álvarez (PRI, 57 Kg), Andy Cruz (MTZ, 63 Kg), Roniel Iglesias (PRI, 69 Kg) ), Guantanamo light heavyweight Arlen López and captain Julio César La Cruz, Olympic gold and four-time world champion, who appears in the 91-kilogram division.

The roster is completed with the super heavyweight from Camagüey Danier Peró (+91 Kg) and the medium from Yoenlis Feliciano Hernández (75 Kg).

As is known, as a result of the suspension of the Pre-Olympic tournament in America, Cuba will have seven boxers in the event under the five rings, because the tickets will be determined through the ranking.

Who does have a very complicated classification is Yoenlis Hernández, the only one still without a ticket, because he would fight against 13 places that the IOC will surely prioritize athletes from countries with tradition and do not have any classified. (Text and photo: ACN)