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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Cuba and Guatemala promote editorial projectson José Martí

Havana, May 19.-Editorial agreementsbetweenthe Centro de Estudios Martianos (CEM) of Havana and theMinistry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala allowthereissue of titles of the Cuban intellectual José Martí such as Lucía Jerez.

"Since 1998, the date onwhichthereestablishment of relationsbetweenthetwocountriestook place, theApostlewas a cultural mediator par excellenceforpromotingtieswiththeUniversity of San Carlos and Rafael Landívar of the Central American nation," saidtheresearcher head of the CEM, Mauricio Núñez Rodríguez.

Thescholaralluded to the editorial project, implementedsince 2007 withthepurpose of reprintingtitlesonthepermanence of the Cuban intellectual in Guatemala, amongthem, theaforementioned novel, consideredbycritics as a recreation of hislife in thatscenario.

"Itunconsciouslyreflectedtheyear and a halfthat he was in the country and there are passages of itontheidiosyncrasy, streets, geography and topography of thatregion. Later, weassumed as a second editorial projecttheessay Guatemala withits socio-political, cultural, and agriculturalevaluations and science, "he added.

According to theacademic, another of thetextsincluded in theliteraryexchangeisThe Golden Age, a recentlyeditedvolumewhosepresentationwilltake place nextNovember as part of the International Meeting of MartianChairs, based in thatnation.

"Centers of higherstudies in LatinAmerica in statessuch as: Mexico, Costa Rica and Venezuela institutedspacesdedicated to thedissemination of thelegacy of thewriter and poet, articulatedbyaninternationalnetwork and fromacademicexchange and thepublication of books", recognizedtheinvestigator.

Núñez Rodríguez, winner of the Alejo Carpentier EssayAwardforhiswork Silencios y recepciones: la novela de José Martí, consideredthattheApostle'sworkshould be revisited in a creativeway, with a contemporaryperspective and theconviction of its role withinthe Cuban culture and nationality. (Source: Prensa Latina )