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Sunday, August 1, 2021
Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Russia approves declaration condemning the US blockade against Cuba

Moscow, June 2 - The Council of the Russian Federation (Senate) approved today a declaration of strong condemnation of the United States blockade against Cuba and made a call for international solidarity in favor of the island.

The document demanded an end to the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed by Washington against Cuba for 60 years, reported the official website of the Russian parliament.

He warned that such unilateral sanctions violate generally recognized principles and norms of international law, including the principles of sovereign equality of states and non-interference in their internal affairs, contemplated in the UN Charter.

Russian senators stressed that in modern conditions, when the entire world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, the US restrictions against Cuba go against the efforts of the world community.

He noted that US policy against the Caribbean nation contradicts the United Nations call for the lifting of sanctions imposed on other countries in the midst of the pandemic.

He also drew attention to the fact that 28 UN General Assembly resolutions on the need to end the US blockade against Cuba were adopted by the overwhelming majority of UN member states.

Russian legislators urged the parliaments of foreign, regional and international states, including the Latin American Parliament and the European Parliament, to express their solidarity with the Republic of Cuba and the Cuban people.

The declaration calls for acts of support to the resolutions of the UN General Assembly aimed at ending the long economic, commercial and financial blockade of the Republic of Cuba. (Text and photo: PL)