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Sunday, September 19, 2021
Monday, June 7, 2021

Cuban judo athlete Orlando Polanco will debut today at the Budapest World Championship

Havana, June 7 - Cuban judo athlete Orlando Polanco will debut today on the second day of the individual tournament of the World Championship in Budapest, Hungary, where so far Japan has led the way, with a gold medal and a bronze medal.

According to the website, the Japanese (1-1-0) lead the standings, followed by Russia (1-0-0), Kazakhstan (0-1-0), Spain (0-0-2), Mongolia (0-0-1) and Azerbaijan (0-0-1), the six countries that shared the eight medals in dispute this Sunday in the divisions of 48 (f) and 60 (m).

The champions of the first date of the contest that closes the Olympic ranking for Tokyo 2020 -18 and one by nation-, were the Russian Yago Abulsdze (66 kg) and the Japanese Natsumi Tsunoda (48 kg), with stage at Arena Deportiva Laszlo Papp.

For the draw that confirmed 665 judocas -387 men and 278 women- from 118 nations, Polanco will fight this Monday to be included in the area under the five rings in pool A of 66 kilograms (kg) and will face in his first fight Haitian Mackensy Laurent for the pass to the round of the best 32.

Arnaes Odelín (57 kg) will be with a similar objective on Tuesday, as well as Magdiel Estrada (73 kg), who is located in the classification zone, but for the continental quota –one by nation-.

Odelín was bye in the first round of preliminaries in group C and will start against Hong Kong's Po Sum Leung for advancing to the round of 16, while Estrada will also do it in C, but for going to the round of 32 with his first rival in the Ghanaian Emmanuel Nartey.

A Maylín El Toro (63 kg / A) will be the turn on Wednesday when he first bumps with Aina Laura Rosoanaivo, Madagascar.

On Thursday, Iván Silva (90 kg), head of pool D, will climb onto the tatamis, in which he will have to wait for the winner of the match between the Ukrainian Quedjau Nhabali and the Dominican Robert Florentino, in search of advancement to the round of 16.

Kaliema Antomarchi (78 kg / B) will debut on Friday against the Israeli Inbar Lanir, while on Saturday, the last day of the individual, the departures of Idalis Ortiz (more than 78 kg) and Andy Granda (more than 100 kg / C).

Ortiz, leader of the ranking, appears at the fore in section A and will be against the Polish Paula Kulaga in search of the eighth finals, while Granda is located directly in the group of the best 16, including her opponent on the initial turn, the always difficult Brazilian Rafael Silva.

Ortiz, first, Silva (fifth), Antomarchi (ninth), del Toro (eleventh), Granda (eighteenth) and Estrada (twenty-eighth), the latter for the continental quota- are in the classification zone, while Polanco (36) and Arnaes Odelín (47) present a difficult situation.

The mixed team tournament is scheduled for Sunday, with action in the divisions of 57, 70 and more than 70 kg for women and 73, 90 and more than 90 kg for men.

By the draw, Cuba will open against Georgia in pool D, which also includes France and the Netherlands, four of the 15 registered teams. (Text and photo: ACN)