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Sunday, August 1, 2021
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

National industry will produce towers for mobile telephony

Havana, June 8 - The manufacture of 50 towers for mobile telephony in Cuba is one of the most recent projects of the Industrial Company for Informatics, Communications and Electronics (Gedeme), reported Diana Rosa Laffita Vega, director of Business of the entity.

It is a commission from the Telecommunications Company of Cuba SA (Etecsa) to produce structures carrying antennas that pay tribute to communications services and that, previously, were imported, the directive specified to the Granma newspaper.

In this way, he added, 30 towers of 21 meters high and 20 of 30 meters will be delivered; both made of steel, both in profiles, sheets or tubes, which have resistance to winds of approximately 175 kilometers per hour.

According to Laffita Vega, these towers, known as braced or cable-stayed, are lightweight structures that are easy to install and offer very good weight-bearing characteristics at great heights.

These are fixed to the ground by means of a concrete casting attached to the base of the tower, and the hardware is class 8.8, high resistance to breakage and hot galvanized, which is a guarantee of stability. endurance and performance, he explained.

He pointed out that these structures are not only used to support mobile telephone services, but can also be used as repeaters of television signals, AM and FM radio stations, and very high frequencies (VHF and UHF), which serve for links to short distance and also as radars and aid in aviation and maritime navigation.

The project constitutes an invaluable production that will substitute imports, will add value to society's computerization program and will have a high social impact by being included in a process of continuous improvement of the country's telecommunications infrastructures, he concluded. (ACN) (Photo: File)